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Design matters—brilliant or bland—it's your call when creating Confluence pages. However, superb layouts need not be the sole preserve of the experts. Learn how to really improve your Confluence page-building skills.
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It’s an uncomfortable truth: if your documentation is shoddy, unstructured, and quite frankly boring, no one will read it; some may skim over your pages as a polite gesture, but important information will be lost, sprints derailed, agile coaches stressed as they step in to manage the miscommunication, it’s not a good thing. Within Agile frameworks like Sprints and Kanban boards, effective communication is paramount. Poor communication and misalignment in dev ops are disastrous; inadequate communication breeds frustration, erodes morale, and undermines production. 


Why Confluence Page Design Matters


If your Confluence pages are boring, then you need help. Today’s teams work in oceans of information, and a mundane Confluence page does you no favors. Getting your message across requires making the content presentable and readable. You need structure to create a great Confluence page; a well-thought-out layout attracts attention, provides a clear message, is the foundation of beautiful Confluence pages, and helps tell the story. However, only some people are HTML experts, and trying to create superb layouts in Confluence can be painful and time-consuming for the amateur.


That’s why many Confluence users turn to Confluence editor tools; here, we will examine Templates and Macros and see how creators can transform their pages from bland to brilliant.

Examples of Beautiful Confluence Pages

Below, we have shown some before-and-after examples of Confluence pages built using Aura Content Formatting Macros compared to pages built just using Confluence’s native page toolset.


The Foundation of Beautiful Confluence Pages

Confluence offers several basic styling tools, which are displayed in the toolbar below.

These allow the user to customize the page, alter the text, make it bold or italic, justify it, and change the text color. They can also add built-in points or numbered paragraphs, links, images, emojis, etc. 


Confluence toolbar
Confluence toolbar drop down


Natively Beautifying Confluence Pages

Confluence also offers several other tools that are a step up from those in the toolbar. These include Templates, a table of contents function or macro, an Info Panel, and a Divider. See examples below.


Confluence Template example
These are just some of the templates offered by Confluence


Examples of Some Other Native Macros

Table of Contents – reads the headers used in the page contents and automatically constructs a table of contents.


Confluence native macro table of content


The info panel  – is incredibly useful when emphasizing an important point or issue.

Confluence Info Panel


The Divider – a simple yet elegant means of separating differing content areas.

Confluence divider macro


Best Confluence Pages With Third-Party Macros


Templates and Atlassian native macros are pretty powerful and take Confluence content to the next level, but it is a limited tool set, and after a while, Pages all start to look the same. Important ideas and points can get lost in a sea of blandness. This is where the Atlassian marketplace comes into play; the marketplace offers hundreds if not thousands of formatting tools, allowing users to really customize pages to provide more punch and impact. The macros themselves are straightforward to use; the more complex ones come with reams of documentation. Adding a simple macro or two can truly transform your Confluence content.  Great content promotes open dialogue, using Macros promotes collaboration and transparency.


Supercharge Your Confluence Pages With Aura


Aura lifts Confluence content to new levels with one macro to rule them all. 

This user-friendly macro suite empowers you to create stunning and engaging pages and includes the following macros.

Aura Macro Example
Aura Macro Example
Aura Macro Example

If you are seeking to elevate your Confluence experience, streamline your content creation process, or trial confluence page ideas, look no further than Aura. This innovative app empowers individuals to craft exceptional Confluence content effortlessly.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Aura revolutionizes your collaboration and creation within Confluence. 

Say goodbye to endless email chains and disjointed feedback loops.


Confluence Page Examples created with Aura


Background in Confluence Example
Background in Confluence Example


Aura was designed to meet the diverse needs of Atlassian teams, offering a seamless content creation experience from start to finish. Whether you are drafting project documentation, crafting knowledge-base articles, or designing team wikis, Aura provides the tools needed to bring your cool Confluence pages to life.


One of Aura’s standout features is its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, which makes content creation a breeze. With Aura, you can easily rearrange page elements, insert images and multimedia, and customize layouts with a few clicks. Cumbersome formatting and HTML knowledge are now a thing of the past.

But Aura offers more than drag-and-drop convenience. With its rich editing tools, you can perfectly customize your content.

Aura eases content creation and enhances team collaboration. Unsure if a page layout works? No problem. Aura lets you explore more Confluence layout ideas. Changes can be made in seconds without complex page reformatting. 


But don’t just take our word for it; read what some customers say.


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Automate Content Updates in Confluence

But here’s the thing – keeping your pages and beautiful Confluence designs updated can feel like a never-ending task. Whether it’s FAQs, project reports, or team directories, it’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole with outdated information.

But Aura has a solution for that as well: Aura’s Dynamic Content Macro. It’s a game-changer that eliminates the need for manual Confluence page updates, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

Aura automatically refreshes your content whenever changes are made, ensuring your pages are consistently accurate and up-to-date. By using this solution, transforming the functional into the beautiful is a breeze.

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