Tailored features for every team

Knowledge management and Project collaboration

News and Posts



Access the latest company announcements, industry updates, and team highlights all in one convenient place. With Mantra, you’ll never miss out on important news that impacts your work and organization.


Post updates, announcements, and ideas, and encourage your team to react with emojis and leave comments. Foster collaboration, spark creativity, and build a stronger sense of community within your organization with Mantra’s interactive Posts feature.

Work Together


Profile + People Directory

The People Directory provides a comprehensive listing of your colleagues’ profiles. This invaluable resource enables employees to quickly find colleagues with specific skills, expertise, or job titles using powerful and customizable filters.


Revolutionize your intranet organization by facilitating segmentation based on entities such as subsidiaries or geographical locations. This functionality allows users to organize content and collaboration spaces according to specific business units or physical locations, enhancing efficiency and clarity in information management.


Whether it’s a company party, a hackathon, or a crucial meeting, Mantra empowers you to effortlessly create and organize events. Keep your team informed and engaged, enhance collaboration, and streamline event coordination – all within your Confluence intranet.


Easily create polls to collect feedback, opinions, and preferences from your colleagues. Encourage participation, foster collaboration, and make informed decisions based on the collective input of your team. With Mantra’s Polls feature, streamline communication, boost engagement, and drive meaningful discussions within your Confluence intranet.

Intuitive Interface


One Click Access

With just one click, swiftly jump to your dashboard and gave a look on all essential resources. Simplify your workflow, save time, and stay focused on what matters most. Elevate your Confluence experience with Mantra’s intuitive one-click access and unlock effortless productivity like never before!

Fast & Easy Setup

Say goodbye to complex configurations and lengthy setups. With Mantra, it’s as simple as a few clicks to customize your workspace, add users, and configure settings tailored to your team’s needs. Get started effortlessly and focus on what truly matters – empowering your team with a powerful collaboration platform.