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Overwhelmed by company updates? Mantra filters the noise, delivering a personalized Confluence news feed that keeps you informed without the information overload.
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Missed the office cake party? Out of the loop on movie night plans? Worried you might miss new company policies buried in Confluence? Keeping everyone informed in a bustling organization isn’t always easy.

With the right tools, it is.

In this article, we’ll explore the built-in Confluence news feed and delve into the advanced features offered by Mantra – Confluence Intranet, a powerful tool that supercharges your Confluence experience.

This way, you can be sure to never miss a company event again!


The Built-In Confluence News Feed

Confluence’s built-in news feed serves as a central hub for updates, aggregating information from various spaces and personal spaces. Here’s a brief overview of what it offers:


  1. Confluence Dashboard:

    • The Confluence dashboard aggregates updates from various spaces and personal spaces, providing a quick overview of recent activities within your organization.

Confluence news feed dashboard

2. Adding Blog Posts:

    • Users can easily add blog posts from their Confluence personal space by clicking “Add Blog Post,” writing the news, and publishing it. This feature allows for straightforward sharing of updates, but it may lack the customization and visual appeal needed to truly engage your team.

Confluence add blog post

3. Viewing News:

    • The built-in news feed displays updates chronologically. While useful for keeping track of the latest information, it can become overwhelming without proper organization and filtering options.

Confluence News Feed overview

Confluence RSS Feed

Another built-in feature is the Confluence RSS feed, which allows users to subscribe to updates from different spaces and blogs. This feature helps in staying informed by delivering updates directly to your RSS reader.


Limitations of Built-In Solutions

While the Confluence news feed and RSS feed provide basic functionalities, they have limitations:

  • Limited Customization: Both options lack the ability to organize and filter information, leading to information overload for users.

  • Basic Presentation: Updates appear in plain text format, making them less engaging and visually appealing.

  • Limited Reach: The Confluence news feed only displays updates within the platform, while the RSS feed requires users to subscribe to specific sources.


Enhancing Your Confluence News Feed with Mantra

Of course, the Confluence team dashboard or the personal space with built-in functions is already a good start for sharing knowledge and company updates. But – let’s think of the cake party again – sometimes news gets lost quickly. Especially when there is a lack of visual elements to highlight important information.

Mantra – Confluence Intranet is a solution that is smoothly integrated into your Confluence Cloud and will supercharge the way you use Confluence.


Mantra’s Advanced News Feed: A Game Changer

Mantra takes the basic news feed functionality of Confluence and elevates it to a new level. With the Mantra integration to your Confluence, you can easily customize the news feed to display content relevant to different teams or departments. Goodbye, information overload! Say hello to eye-catching header images, customizable layouts, and color options that enhance the visual appeal of your Confluence pages.

Mantra news feed wiesbaden

So let’s see how you can quickly and easily bring the benefits of Mantra into your Confluence!


Your Very Own Confluence News Design

While critical company news has a place, Mantra News welcomes all sorts of updates! From team wins to fun office events, share the information that keeps your team connected. Plus, anyone with the right permissions can create news, making it a collaborative effort.

As an admin, you can easily define how the Confluences news should be displayed in the feed.

  • Simply change the layout

pick news design mantra

And see the result

Mantra different news grid

In general, you can customize your news feed in Confluence: Do you want to display three, six or more news items? With a picture or as a table? You design your Confluence the way you want it.


Design your News

Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words, so upload a default images to be displayed for news articles that lack their own visuals. That’s also an inspiration for everyone else to add images when they create their own news.

mantra news settings image



News Feed for Confluence Spaces

  • To include a current space in your news sources, select ‘Add Space’.

  • Click on the space title and type the name of the space you wish to add.

  • Choose the appropriate space from the displayed dialog. It is possible to sort the spaces for a clearer view, but this does not affect the display of news for users.

  • Each space can be categorized into an existing feed, enabled, disabled, and removed from the list. If a space has been removed, it can be added back to the list and all news articles will be displayed once again.

add marketing space

Create, View, and Search for News with Mantra

Creating news in Mantra is efficient, eliminating the need to switch between Confluence areas or manage labels. The streamlined process saves time and effort for users.


Viewing and Engaging with Confluence News

  • Access News: Click on “News” in the sidebar to see a grid of news tiles.

Navigate Mantra news



  • News Overview: Each tile provides a snapshot of the news, displaying the creator, title, excerpt, creation date, comments, and likes.


Mantra news overview



  • View Full Content and react: Select a news tile to view the complete content and engage with it. At the bottom of the news item, you can like and comment, fostering interaction and engagement within your team.
react to news

Find the Latest News

Click the search button (magnifying glass icon), enter your desired search term, and select a result to view the Confluence content.

search news

Filter what Matters to You

Want to narrow your search? Use the date filter to focus on news items published within a specific timeframe.

filter date of news

News items are displayed by default from newest to oldest. However, you can reverse the order by clicking the dropdown menu in the top right corner, allowing you to prioritize older or newer news as needed.


Writing Confluence News: Be the Hero of Your Own Announcement

Do you have exciting news to share with your team or even the whole company? If you have edit permission in a configured Confluence news space within Mantra, you can hit the “Write News” button.

  1. Choose Your Category

  2. Pick the Perfect Space

  3. Craft Your Masterpiece: Mantra takes you to the edit mode of a new page or blog. Here, you can unleash your inner writer and craft an engaging news piece.

  4. Publish for the Masses

create mantra news

Remember, news only appears in Mantra once the page or blog is published. So keep it in draft mode until you and your team are happy with the content.


Why Your Team Will Love Mantra News

  • Informed Workforce: Easily accessible news keeps everyone up-to-date on company developments, fostering unity and connection.

  • Reduced Misinformation: Clear communication through Mantra News reduces confusion and ensures everyone has access to accurate information.

  • Enhanced Transparency: Sharing insights into goals, performance, and future plans builds trust and promotes a sense of belonging.

  • Engaged Employees: Informed employees are empowered to make better decisions and contribute more effectively.


Conclusion: Informed Workforce = Happy Workforce

Forget the struggle of staying informed without drowning in emails or Confluence overload. Mantra brings clarity to your company news, filtering out the noise and delivering a personalized feed that matters to you.

No more missing out on crucial updates or the next office cake party (we all know those emails get buried!). With Mantra, you get the information you need, when you need it, presented in a way that’s easy to digest.

Ready to ditch the information chaos? Try Mantra – Confluence Intranet today or schedule a free demo to see the future of your Confluence news feed!


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