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The default Confluence People Directory offers a basic framework, but may not meet your specific needs. In this article, we’ll show you how to level up your collaboration game within your Confluence Intranet with Mantra.
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Do you sometimes feel lost in a sea of colleagues? Or need a quick way to find the marketing guru hidden in accounting or the coding whiz in sales? In Confluence, the People Directory acts as your life raft, connecting you to the expertise and experience of your fellow team members.

This article explores the strengths and weaknesses of the standard Confluence people directory and explains how to level up your collaboration game.

The Confluence People Directory

The Confluence People Directory is a built-in feature that allows users to search for and find information about other users within a Confluence instance. It acts as a central repository for user profiles, typically containing basic information such as:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Job title

  • Department

  • Location

  • Profile picture (optional)

Confluence Cloud profile

With this information readily available, you can use the directory to:

  • Search for colleagues: Find specific individuals by name, email address, or other keywords.

  • View profiles: Gain basic insights into their roles, responsibilities, and expertise.

  • Initiate communication: Easily reach out to colleagues via email or other communication channels.

Search for People in the Confluence Directory

To access the people directory, navigate to Teams in the Confluence navigation menu. Here, you’ll find your teams and frequent collaborators.

Under Teams, choose “Search people and teams” to explore or find additional individuals or groups. You can also add new teams or members to Confluence from this section.

people and teams

Limitations of the Confluence People Directory

While the built-in Confluence People Directory provides a basic foundation, it often falls short when it comes to the needs of larger organizations or complex project requirements. Here are some common limitations:

  • Limited search functionality: Searching often boils down to basic name and email, making it difficult to find people with specific skills or expertise not explicitly listed.

  • Lack of customization: Profiles might be restricted to a predefined set of fields, limiting users’ ability to showcase their unique skills, interests, or project involvement.

To overcome these limitations and unlock more powerful collaboration within Confluence Cloud, there is Mantra’s People Directory feature. It provides enhanced functionality and customization, ensuring your teams always find the right people with the right skills.

Leveling Up your Confluence game with Mantra’s People Directory

Mantra is your personalized Confluence intranet experience. Simplified admin control, social wall, engaging posts and other features will make you love using this Confluence intranet on a daily basis.

One of the central features transforming your Confluence experience is Mantra’s advanced People Directory.

Here’s how it empowers your teams:

Rich and Personalized Profiles

As a Mantra user, you’re not just another name on a list. You get to curate a profile that reflects your unique personality and expertise. Here’s how:

  • Craft a compelling bio: Tell your story! Share your passions, projects, or anything that makes you stand out.

  • Showcase your skills: List your areas of expertise and proficiency levels, helping colleagues find the perfect person for the job.

  • Personalize your look: Add a custom header image to make your profile truly your own.

Mantra lets you go beyond the basics, building a rich and personalized profile that connects you with colleagues on a deeper level.

Confluence Mantra Profile

Quick Filters to Find the Right People

Forget the limitations of the Confluence search for people and say goodbye to endless scrolling with Mantra’s powerful filtering options. Whether you’re an HR employee who wants to get a better overview of upcoming birthdays, a sales manager urgently looking for someone who speaks Mandarin, or a remote person who urgently needs support from someone in a specific office: Mantra’s filter options come to the rescue!

Confluence Advanced Search with Mantra:

  • Find colleagues celebrating their special day: Filter by birthday to discover who’s turning another year older.

  • Connect with multilingual colleagues: Break down language barriers by filtering by language. Need someone who speaks Spanish, French, or Mandarin? It’s effortless in Mantra’s People Directory.

  • Locate colleagues across the globe: Refine your search by location. Find teammates in specific offices, cities, or even countries, fostering seamless collaboration across geographical boundaries.

  • Identify colleagues by department: Drill down by department to find the marketing expert, sales superstar, or HR champion you need in seconds.

  • Uncover hidden connections: Utilize the join date as a filter to uncover colleagues who began around the same time, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Mantra’s intuitive filters empower you to find the right people instantly, streamlining your workflow and unlocking the full potential of your Confluence network.

Fine-Tune Your Confluence People Directory with Mantra

Are you a Confluence admin and want to elevate your people directory beyond the limitations of the Confluence search? Mantra allows you to configure it to perfection, leveling up your Confluence intranet experience.

How to customize your People Directory

  • Add Custom Columns: Define new fields, choose data types, and add options to personalize the Confluence directory and gather the information most relevant to your team.

  • Edit Columns and Cells: Modify existing columns and individual cell content with ease. Ensure your Confluence people directory reflects your evolving organization and keeps pace with your team’s growth, all with minimal effort.

  • High Level Profile Editor: Drag and drop fields, assign groups, and personalize the experience for each user, fostering a sense of community and shared identity within your Confluence intranet.

  • Celebrations Tab: Showcase birthdays, work anniversaries, and new employee arrivals on your Confluence dashboard with the Celebrations tab.

Profile Editor
Mantra Celebrations

Benefits of Upgrading Your Confluence People Directory

The built-in Confluence features offer a basic people directory, but they may not fully support collaboration and connection among colleagues. To strengthen the sense of community in your organization, consider the following benefits of upgrading your Confluence people directory with Mantra:

  • Advanced Confluence Search for Colleagues
    • Showcase individual expertise with highly personalized profiles
    • Filter by skills, location, department, and other criteria
  • Improved team communication and relationship-building
    • Customize the needed data fields easily to fit your brand
    • Foster a sense of community by displaying birthdays, anniversaries, and more

Mantra: Your best Confluence People Directory

If you want to turn a static list of names into a dynamic hub for collaboration, knowledge sharing and connection, then Mantra is right for you and your business. Mantra is everything you love in Confluence Cloud, refined with a high level of personalization and an advanced search to find exactly the right expert in your company to help you with any problem.

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