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Discover the future of intranet solutions with Mantra for Confluence Cloud: Quick migration, quick win. Custom workspaces, personalized themes, and the sleek mobile app of Mantra will revolutionize your workplace experience!

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Questions, Polls and Celebrations

Company Collabboration

Mantra Intranet for Confluence Cloud provides all the essential features you know from Meta Workplace and you need for effective communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within your organization. From an amazing people directory, event management or customized workspaces.

Fast and Intuitive

Click and Collaborate

Navigating with ease through our intuitive interface, you’ll find yourself in your Confluence Cloud workspace with just a single click, saving precious seconds. With Mantra, there’s no need to start from scratch; it seamlessly blends with your existing Confluence content, preserving your valuable time.

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mantra intranet editor
Personalized Dashboard

Create a wide range of content, including company news, links, polls, events, celebrations, and more.

mantra workspaces intranet
Custom Branding

Be heard and share your valuable insights, engage in vibrant discussions, and fuel effective teamwork through this dynamic newsfeed.


One Mantra
for every Workspace

Create personalized Workspaces. Segment your intranet by locations, subsidiaries, or other criteria, each with unique branding and specialized content.

Questions, Polls and Celebrations

Spark Connections

Transform communication into meaningful engagement. Spark lively debates with engaging polls, foster collaborative knowledge sharing through questions, and amplify team spirit with heartfelt celebrations.

Everyone is in the Loop

Break Down Silos,
Build Bridges

Share ideas, collaborate seamlessly, and stay informed. Centralize all your company’s activities, ensuring everyone’s connected.