Spice Up Your Confluence with Background Colors

Staring at blank Confluence pages all day is no fun. We'll show you how to create great Confluence backgrounds with color codes, palettes, and images.
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Day in, day out, you’re sitting at your computer, clicking through project management platforms and knowledge hubs. The backdrop? The classic black text against a white canvas. But as the hours drag on, that starkness starts to take its toll. By day’s end, you’re left feeling as uninspired as the blank Confluence page before you.

Good news! This challenge has a solution.

To make your Confluence pages more fun and engaging, you can easily add vibrant background colors using color codes. This will result in visually appealing and informative pages. Check out this guide on how to achieve this!

Why Change Your Confluence Background Color?

Sure, the white background gets the job done, but here’s why adding a splash of color or highlighting key information can be a game-changer:

  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: A pop of color can transform a dull page into a visually appealing one, capturing the attention of your audience and making your content more engaging. Imagine the difference between a flat report and one with a calming blue background that promotes focus.

  • Brand Consistency: Customizing your background color to align with your brand’s color palette helps reinforce brand identity and creates a cohesive look across your Confluence spaces. This consistency builds trust and recognition for your brand within your company.

  • Improved Organization: Differentiating sections with background colors can help organize information more effectively. Think color-coded sections for different departments or project stages.

  • Highlighting Key Points: Using background colors to highlight important information or key points can draw attention to critical details, ensuring that they don’t go unnoticed.

  • Enhanced Readability: Certain background colors can improve readability by providing a contrasting backdrop for text. This is especially helpful for long documents or those with dense information.

  • Creating Visual Interest: Experimenting with different background colors can add visual interest to your Confluence pages, making them more dynamic and engaging for your audience. This is a great way to keep your readers engaged and prevent them from getting bored with a monotonous white page.

But how to get there?


How to Add Color to Your Confluence Background

Reality check – Confluence doesn’t have a built-in feature for changing background colors. So if you want to free your pages from the spell of boredom, it’s worth taking a look at third-party apps. The macro suite Aura Content Formatting Macros provides you with great ways to customize the background of Confluence according to your individual wishes.


Change Background Colors with Aura

We assume that you (or the Confluence Admin) have already scheduled a demo and then installed Aura. Here are the next steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to your Confluence page and enter edit mode.

  2. Click where you want to add the background and type “/” followed by “aura”.

  3. Choose the “Background Content” macro from the list.

  4. Configure the macro by setting your desired options:

    • Content Alignment: Position your text or embedded content within the background.

Content Alignment Aura Background


    • Minimum Height: Set a minimum size for the background area.
Change height backgroud confluence


    • Padding: Adjust the spacing around your content for optimal readability.

    • Color: Pick a background color and adjust its opacity using the slider.

pick background color


    • Content: Format the text and content you want to insert within the background.

    • Image: Choose your image source (Unsplash, attachment, or direct URL).

add background image confluence


Further Tips on Confluence Colors

In the world of Confluence customization, Aura offers a powerful solution for administrators seeking to control and manage colors across their Confluence spaces. With Aura’s Color Management feature, administrators can ensure consistency and alignment with their company’s branding and identity, all while incorporating Confluence color codes seamlessly.


Discover Aura’s Color Management

Color Palettes

Aura introduces color palettes, each comprising up to 18 carefully selected colors that match your company’s branding guidelines. These palettes provide administrators with the flexibility to create, edit, activate, deactivate, sort, or delete color sets according to their specific requirements, including adherence to Confluence color codes.


Aura color palettes


Custom Colors

In addition to predefined Color Palettes, administrators have the option to allow users to utilize custom colors, including those specified by Confluence color codes. Enabling this feature of Aura activates a color picker for all users, empowering them to choose colors beyond the predefined palettes while ensuring compliance with Confluence color standards.

enable custom colors

As a Confluence Administrator, accessing Aura’s Color Management is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Aura → Color Configuration.


Benefits of Color Palettes:

  • Brand Consistency: Color Palettes ensure users stay within your brand’s color guidelines, creating a consistent and professional look across Confluence pages.

  • Streamlined Design: Predefined palettes eliminate the need for users to search for specific colors or confluence color codes, saving time and ensuring consistency.

  • Visual Hierarchy: Color Palettes can be used to establish a visual hierarchy, with specific colors reserved for headings, backgrounds, or important information.


Examples of Beautiful Backgrounds with Aura


Background in Confluence Example
Background in Confluence Example
Background in Confluence Example


Color up your Confluence Background Now!

Adding vibrant colors to your Confluence pages isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about injecting energy and enthusiasm into your team’s workflow! With captivating color codes and dynamic palettes, your Confluence space becomes a hub of creativity and productivity.

Ready to dive into a world of colorful collaboration? Try Aura for free today, or schedule a personalized demo to witness firsthand how Aura can transform your Confluence experience. Let’s unleash the power of color, streamline your workflows, and make your Confluence pages shine like never before with Aura!




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