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To take the default Confluence intranet to the next level, there is Mantra. It turns your Confluence platform into an engaged community. Here is how!
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We all love Confluence because it has revolutionized the world of how companies work. Teams around the world can work and share documents at the same time, and regardless of where they live, regardless of the time zone. To take the default Confluence intranet to the next level, there are several third-party apps on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Mantra for Confluence Cloud is one of them. This app offers a custom theme for your company’s Confluence landing page. The look and feel of a real social intranet makes it intuitive to use and keeps everyone engaged and happy. Learn how to supercharge your Confluence intranet with Mantra!

Confluence Intranet on default

We already mentioned in our last article that working is much easier when you have a clear, engaging social intranet. Atlassian’s Confluence delivers the basic functions that belong to an intranet out-of-the-box:

  • Company Branding: Simply upload your company logo and Confluence will automatically match the Confluence theme to your company’s colors.

  • Create Spaces: In Confluence, every user can have a personal space to record important notes and ideas.

  • Pages for Everyone: At the same time, significant and general company information can be saved, commented on and shared on pages.

  • Mentions: Praise, questions, suggestions? If you want to make sure that your comment is not overlooked, you can add the person. They will then receive a mail notification.

As there are numerous ways to create, edit and share content in Confluence Cloud, there is also a high probability of overlooking things. Especially if you would like to scale your organization, you should make sure that your company intranet grows with you. Mantra is your perfect helper here.

Mantra to elevate your Confluence Intranet

Apps for Confluence themes and intranet examples are a dime a dozen on the Atlassian Marketplace. So why Mantra? We’ll tell you: Mantra is seamlessly integrated into Confluence Cloud and provides the ultimate overview for company news, events, social media activities and personal posts. The design reminds users of other social media channels, making navigation completely intuitive and fun. Like posts and praise your colleagues, ask questions and stay in touch when the next event is coming up. Mantra turns the Confluence Cloud platform into an engaged community. Here is how!

Own that Confluence Intranet Design

Mantra is the perfect example of a Confluence intranet that is fully customizable to your business needs. Your Confluence intranet solution is highly personalized with Mantra. Custom colors, individual layouts and logos, according to your wishes.

One of the best Confluence intranet features of Mantra is the different workspaces. Here, you can segment content based on geographical locations or subsidiaries. For example, the company offices in Boson may have different news and events than the offices in Tokyo.

Workspaces give you the opportunity to present company information specifically where it belongs. All employees see exactly what they are supposed to. No more and no less.
To ensure that your Confluence intranet landing page also matches your office, you can choose a different layout for each workspace.

mantra navigation settings

Quick Navigation through your Confluence Intranet

A good Confluence landing page stands and falls with the navigation. That’s why we at appanvil have integrated a powerful navigation function into Mantra, which is consistently displayed below the traditional Confluence navigation bar. This allows users to quickly and easily reach important content and pages within their Confluence environment. The knowledge management of Confluence Cloud and the handling of Mantra complement each other.

mantra dashboard

With great power comes great responsibility. This can quickly become overwhelming as the company grows in size and the number of locations and thus workspaces increases. As an admin, you can therefore delegate part of your power to so-called super users. These users then have the rights to set up and maintain Mantra without having to have full Confluence rights. This allows you to focus on your primary responsibilities and leave the administration of your Confluence intranet to other people.

Boost Employee Engagement

Appreciation. Often desired, rarely shown. Thanks to Mantra, this will change. With the latest feature, colleagues can exchange questions and praise each other. Whether you’re looking for answers in the large Confluence universe or someone simply deserves a spotlight, this will improve interaction between all colleagues. What are you waiting for? Start asking, praising, and strengthening your workplace relationships today!

mantra post and praise

Let Users customize their Confluence Landing Page themselves

As a Confluence admin, it is important to set up the Mantra Dashboard and define the structure of news, social wall, etc. But what immensely strengthens employee engagement and increases the length of stay on the company intranet is to give them the power to personalize. Each user can independently customize which feeds they want to see. This makes it easier to search for posts and events.

mantra workspaces

Skill Filters for best Networking Opportunities

Speaking of users: Mantra is a tool that your HR departments will also love. It has an extensive people directory where, for example, newbies can filter for colleagues with similar skills.

Especially in large companies with cross-functional teams, or when you have colleagues spread all over the world, it is a challenge to keep track of team members’ roles, skills, and experience. With this Confluence intranet example, however, every user can create a meaningful profile and enter their own expertise in a clear way.

Confluence Intranet Mantra Profile

The powerful search and filter function allows you to specifically target projects, skills, or locations. For example, do you need a professional for Canadian law? Then, this mantra feature makes the profile search easier than ever.

mantra people skill finder

Redefining Confluence Intranets with Mantra’s Events

In today’s dynamic workplace, it’s essential to maintain a strong connection with your employees, keeping them informed about significant events while nurturing a sense of community. Events are a vital component of any thriving Confluence intranet. Mantra’s events feature empowers you to effortlessly create, manage, and showcase a wide array of events, whether it’s company parties, hackathons, relaxing yoga sessions, or crucial meetings. The user-friendly sidebar provides quick access to the Events view, where event details are presented clearly. You can filter events based on dates, categories, and participation status, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest happenings.

mantra events

Benefits of a Confluence Intranet with Mantra

See the most important benefits of Mantra as your intranet solution here:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Mantra elevates your Confluence intranet with a visually appealing and intuitive design, reminiscent of popular social media platforms.

  • Customization: Customize colors, layouts, and logos to reflect your brand and create a personalized digital workspace.

  • Workspaces: Mantra introduces the concept of workspaces, allowing you to segment content based on geographical locations or subsidiaries.

  • Boosted Employee Engagement: Mantra encourages employee engagement through features like questions and praises, facilitating interaction and appreciation among colleagues.

  • User Personalization: Let users customize their Confluence landing pages, giving them the flexibility to choose which feeds they want to see.

  • Employee Directory: Users can filter colleagues based on skills, making it easier to connect with individuals possessing specific expertise.

  • Event Management: Easily create, manage, and showcase various events, fostering a sense of community and engagement in your intranet.

Boost your Confluence Intranet Now

If you are looking for a solid Confluence intranet that fits your brand perfectly and requires little initial administrative effort, Mantra is your solution. It takes the basic ideas of the Confluence intranet as an example and extends the Confluence theme so that all team members have a better, more intuitive user experience. Exchange ideas, foster creativity, and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement. With Mantra, your Confluence landing page is not just a platform; it’s a community where you can connect on a personal level.

Try Mantra yourself now, with a 30-day free trial on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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