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Native Confluence home pages aren't exactly engaging. Join us as we reveal beautiful, easy-to-implement examples of how to break away from the norm.
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Nowadays, Atlassian’s Confluence is celebrated as the ultimate knowledge hub — and rightfully so! But with great knowledge comes the need for clarity in visualization. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing information ASAP, only to be greeted by a chaotic mishmash of data, buttons, and confusion.

Unfortunately, many Confluence home pages are not very user-friendly, visually appealing or even regularly updated. Teams, new employees, and externals often have a hard time finding their way around.

The good news is, there’s a better way.

In this article, we’ll showcase engaging examples of well-structured and engaging Confluence home pages that are simple to set up – something you won’t want to miss out on!

Confluence home page with mantra before and after

The Limitations of Native Confluence Templates

If you’ve been using Confluence for a while, you probably already know that there are quite a few built-in templates for pages — currently around 155!

But when it comes to creating a truly engaging Confluence homepage, the native options fall a little short.

Here’s where things get tricky:

  • Limited Design Flexibility: While the templates provide a basic structure, customizing the look and feel can be a chore. You want your Confluence home page to reflect your brand and team personality, but these templates may not fully capture the desired flair.

  • Uninspiring User Experience: The default look can be … shall we say, uninspiring? Simply scrolling through text isn’t the most effective way to engage users, which in turn can boost employee productivity.

  • Manual Content Updates: With Confluence pages and their native templates, it’s not always easy to keep your homepage content current and relevant. Changes require manual updates, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. In certain scenarios, like an onboarding page, this can have serious consequences.

Confluence pages do not have to be boring, outdated or overwhelming with information. Macros are definitely a step in the right direction!

How Macros Enhance Confluence Pages

They’re a good first step towards adding functionality and customization. Using the slash ( / ) command, you can view a list of all built-in Confluence macros on a Confluence page.

Here are a few examples of native Confluence macros:

  • Table of Contents: Summarizes information to show readers what to expect from a page and enhances navigation.

Confluence native macro table of content
  • Panel Macro: This macro allows you to create visually distinct sections within your Confluence page. You can use them to categorize information, highlight key points, or separate different content types.
confluence panel macros
  • Expand: This macro enables you to break down lengthy sections of text into collapsible segments. This allows users to effortlessly expand or collapse these segments in order to concentrate on specific information.

confluence expand macro
  • Attachments: The attachments macro allows users to edit and add documents in Confluence without re-uploading them.

Confluence attachment macro

While the native macros offer some functionality, the extensive array of third-party macros on the Atlassian Marketplace surpasses them by far. This way, you’ll be able to craft polished and captivating home pages effortlessly.

You don’t believe us? See for yourself how awesome Confluence can look with appanvil’s Aura macro suite.


Inspiring Confluence Home Page Examples

Aura is the all-in-one solution for building stunning and functional Confluence homepages. It goes far beyond the limitations of native macros, offering a comprehensive suite of user-friendly macros. You don’t require any coding experience or formal design training – just a few clicks are all it takes to create such documentation in Confluence, for example.


Other inspiring Confluence page examples, made with Aura, are:

Confluence Page for Onboarding


Confluence Help Center Example

Confluence Help center

Your Personalized Landing Page for Confluence

The Perfect Knowledge Base Example

Confluence Knowledge base example

Best Confluence Event Pages

Confluence event page

Confluence OKR Tracking

More Confluence Home Page Ideas

Confluence Home page example
Confluence Home page example
confluence home page example
Confluence home page example

You can see more examples of beautiful Confluence pages on the Aura live demo page.


Dynamic Content Update for your Design Ideas

All of these beautiful home page designs are everything you love about Confluence, taken up a notch. Because what if we told you that this content would also be updated automatically?

Use cases in which manual updates of Confluence pages are very time-consuming, but also particularly important, are:

  • Onboarding Pages: Imagine a new hire receiving incorrect/outdated information. But keeping all the blogs and pages on your onboarding landing page up to date is exhausting.

  • Project Pages: Do you want to share the progress with stakeholders or external parties, but notice during the presentation that the old content is still linked? Embarrassing.

  • Team Pages in Confluence: Imagine you work in an in-house marketing agency and are looking for the person who is responsible for the specific topic: But the company organizational chart is from last year.

These and more cases show how important it is to keep Confluence pages up to date. Aura has a solution for this too. The Dynamic Content Macro.

aura confluene dynamic content

Blogs, Pages, Spaces, Profiles and Org Charts can all be dynamically displayed using the new Aura macro. Once you set up your home page, any changes in content will automatically appear correctly in your Confluence layout. This not only saves time and reduces stress, but also ensures that Confluence users have access to the precise information they require.


Easy Confluence Page Design Solution

With the Aura macro suite, creating visually appealing dashboards, team pages, and help centers is a breeze. The selection of macros available makes it easy for every user to customize their home pages exactly as they want.

aura macro overview

Your personalized Confluence designs ensure that you and your team can effortlessly share the latest information with clarity. This means no more missed event invitations, product updates, or lost newcomers during onboarding. Aura doesn’t just make functionality beautiful — it ensures that beautiful things entice people to stay and engage.

Creating stunning Confluence home pages with Aura takes mere seconds.

The benefits last a lifetime.


Your Very Own Confluence Home Page

Aura Content Formatting Macros have already gained the trust of companies worldwide, such as NASA, Netflix, Disney, Porsche, VW, and many more. Ready to jump on board? Then grab yourself a free and highly personalized demo.

If you just want to take a look around first, we recommend trying out the free page builder expansion app Karma. It offers ready-made Confluence templates and provides you with an initial glimpse of how appanvil’s content formatting macros are revolutionizing your Confluence layout experience.

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