Organize Like a Pro: Confluence Tabs Made Easy with Aura

Interactive features are a great way to keep Confluence users on track and boost productivity. Let's walk through the simple steps to create Confluence tabs.
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Information overload is a common struggle we face daily. But it doesn’t have to follow us to work. If you’re ever feeling lost in a sea of Confluence content, let’s talk about a solution: Confluence tabs.

This guide will explain what tabs are, the challenges of using them in Confluence, built-in options for organizing content, and why Aura Content Formatting Macros is the best choice for creating tabs.


What Are Tabs?

Tabs are a clever way to organize and present content. Acting as containers for related information, tabs allow users to view the content of one tab at a time. Even if you don’t know what’s in a tab, its label tells you what to expect. This helps focus on relevant information, making navigation easier and keeping your Confluence page clean.


Benefits of Tabs

  • Organized Paradise: Categorize content into clear sections, making navigation a breeze. You can easily switch between topics without getting lost in a sea of text.

  • Hidden Treasures Revealed: Highlight key information by grouping related content in dedicated tabs. No more diving for buried gems!

  • Enhanced Readability: Tabs increase user engagement by improving information flow and making content visually appealing.



The Missing Piece: Confluence Tabs

Here’s the kicker: Confluence doesn’t have built-in tabs. Yep, if you want those sleek, organized tabs, you’ll need a little help from third-party apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Not ideal if you prefer sticking to native features, but we’ve got some workarounds.



Workaround 1: Expand Macro

The Expand macro offers functionality closest to tabs by keeping content organized and only showing sections you choose to open. This helps manage content visibility but doesn’t provide the same interactive experience as tabs. Adding emojis and images can make each expand section more engaging.


Confluence expand macro

Workaround 2: Panel Macro

Panels are a simple way to visually organize your content. They separate sections with headers, making navigation a breeze.

You can pack the panel macro into layouts and also equip it with images.

However, panels don’t hide content like tabs do, so they’re not a perfect substitute.

Confluence panel macro


Best Option: Aura Content Formatting Macros

For a true tab experience, Aura Content Formatting Macros is the way to go. With Aura, you can create beautiful, customizable tabs that make your content easy to navigate.



Aura content formatting tabs overview

Aura uses a dynamic duo to bring tabs to life:

  • Aura-Tab Group Macro: This macro controls the overall design for all the tabs within that group. Think of it as the master stylist for your tabs. While nested Tab Groups aren’t currently supported, Aura offers a wide range of customization options to fit your needs.

  • Aura-Tab Macro: This is where the individual magic happens. Each tab you create uses this macro, allowing you to set titles, icons, and other settings to personalize your content structure.


How to Guide to Perfect Confluence Tabs

1. Insert the Aura-Tab Group

First, you want to integrate the Confluence Macro: Aura-Tab Group on your site. This is how it works:

  • Go to the Confluence page you wish to edit and go to the edit mode

  • Use the short key “/” to search for the macro

  • Type: “Aura-Tab Group” and pick the macro from the list

insert aura tab group



2. Configure Your Confluence Tab Group

Pick a Template



vertical or horicontal tabs


General Settings

  • Choose horizontal or vertical tabs to best suit your content.

  • Adjust the width, height, and spacing of your tabs for readability.

Active Tab Settings

  • Set a background color, border, and text/icon style for the selected tab to make it stand out.


change color aura tab group


Inactive Tab Settings

  • Same here: Customize the background color, border, and text/icon style for inactive tabs to maintain a cohesive look.

Hover Settings

  • Add a touch of interactivity by setting a background color, border, or text style for inactive tabs when hovered over.

Content Settings

  • Define the background color, border, padding, and optional shadow for your content area to create a clean and organized space.


aura content settings tab


The great thing about Aura Content Formatting Macros is that you get a live preview of all your changes. So try it out and make sure this content container reflects your brand style!

Once you’ve configured your Confluence tab group so that the colors and style are right for you, click save.



3. Add Your Confluence Tabs

  • Click somewhere inside the Aura-Tab Group so that the cursor appears in it

  • Again, type “/” and the name of the Macro: “Aura-Tab”

  • Select Aura-Tab from the list and configure it.

insert aura tab


4. Configure Your Content Tabs

  • Title: Enter a tab title that’s clear and descriptive.

  • Icon: Select an icon that represents the content within the tab. You can choose from a range of icons to make your tabs visually appealing.

  • Content: Add the desired content under each tab. This could be text, tables, images, or even other macros. Remember, each tab can be customized to fit the content it contains.


configure aura content tab



Repeat the previous step for each additional tab you need, hit “save” and you’re done!



Repeat as needed


Enhance Your Confluence Tabs

With Aura Content Formatting Macros, you can include:

  • Headings

  • Bullet Lists

  • Text and Formatting

  • Emojis

  • Dates

  • Other Macros: See the full list in our Aura documentation.


vertical confluence tabs

Take Control of Your Confluence Pages

Tabs are a game-changer for organizing and presenting content on your Confluence pages, making your user experience smoother and more enjoyable. While Confluence might not have built-in tab functionality, Aura Content Formatting Macros swoops in to save the day! With this guide, you can create, customize, and manage tabs like a pro, keeping your pages neat, tidy, and super user-friendly.

Ready to level up your Confluence game? Dive into the world of tabs with Aura and watch your content shine like never before!



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