Best Communication Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

The right internal communication strategy is essential to ensure that your employees are and remain engaged. We'll show you the best tips on how to keep your employees happy and productive in the long term.
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Recruiting talented employees is just the first step. In today’s competitive job market, where the recruitment industry thrives on luring talent away, keeping your employees engaged and motivated has become a crucial business strategy. This article will explore how effective communication, facilitated by your existing Confluence intranet, can be the key to fostering a thriving and engaged workforce.

What Does Employee Engagement even mean?

Employee engagement goes beyond just job satisfaction. It encompasses the emotional and intellectual commitment an individual has towards their organization and its goals. Engaged employees are highly motivated, take ownership of their work, and are passionate about contributing to the company’s success. They feel a strong sense of belonging and are excited to make a positive impact.

Why is Employee Engagement Communication Important?

Effective communication is the cornerstone of fostering a thriving and engaged workforce. When employees feel informed, valued, and heard through effective internal communication, they are more likely to be:

  • Productive and efficient: Engaged employees are motivated to put in their best effort and consistently exceed expectations.

  • Creative and innovative: Open communication and collaboration encourage creative problem-solving and the development of innovative ideas.

  • Passionate about customer service: Engaged employees translate their enthusiasm into exceptional customer service and positive brand perception.

  • Loyal and committed: Feeling valued and connected to the organization, engaged employees are less likely to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

  • Proud to be part of a strong company culture: Effective communication fosters a sense of community, belonging, and shared purpose within the organization.

Employee Engagement Measurement

Measuring employee engagement is crucial for evaluating internal communication strategies and identifying areas for improvement. Common tools include surveys, feedback sessions, and performance reviews. Employee engagement is a continuous journey, not a destination. By consistently measuring engagement and using insights from Confluence, you can continuously enhance communication strategies and create an environment where employees feel valued, informed, and empowered to reach their potential.

The True Cost of Disengagement

The consequences of disengagement can be significant. Imagine your employees, seemingly content and productive, suddenly start leaving without warning. A recent Deloitte report reveals the staggering financial impact of employee turnover. The average cost to replace an employee can range from 50% to 200% of their annual salary, depending on experience. This doesn’t even factor in the time and resources required to find a suitable replacement, further impacting productivity.

Beyond Money: Deeper Reasons for Disengagement

While salary and benefits are essential, research suggests that money isn’t always the biggest motivator. Here are the most frequent reasons employees cite for low morale and disengagement:

  • Lack of career development opportunities

  • Feeling uninspired and unchallenged

  • Wanting to feel valued and appreciated

  • Lack of effective communication and engagement with management

  • Poor company culture

  • Disagreements with colleagues or management

  • Lack of clear direction or business strategy

Looking at this list, it’s clear that many reasons for disengagement and low productivity stem from communication problems within the company.

Best Communication Tips to Increase Employee Engagement

Although Confluence is primarily used for knowledge sharing in companies and for simultaneous collaborative work, it also offers the basis for applying various internal communication strategies to keep employee engagement high. This works best with the Mantra app. It transforms the default Confluence intranet into a collaboration hub that is intuitive to use. The look and feel of our favorite social media tools ensure that people enjoy spending time on the intranet.

Here are some key strategies you can implement in your company using Mantra, the ultimate internal communications platform:

#1 Centralize Your Communication Tools

In today’s fast-paced business environment, information overload and scattered communication channels can significantly hinder employee engagement and productivity. Critical updates often drown in email threads, essential information becomes lost in the shuffle of team messaging apps, and decision-making suffers from fragmented communication.

Mantra offers a unique solution by centralizing the most important communication tools within Confluence, your existing intranet platform. No more toggling between multiple apps and platforms; Mantra provides a unified hub for all your communication needs. With everything centralized in one platform, you can ensure that vital messages, updates, and discussions are easily accessible to all stakeholders. Gone are the days of information overload and scattered channels. Mantra’s social intranet becomes your organization’s primary communication tool for delivering company updates with clarity and efficiency.

#2 Improve Transparency

Transparency is a cornerstone of employee engagement. Feeling informed about company updates, achievements, and goals fosters a sense of connection and purpose among employees. A 2022 survey by People Element revealed significant areas for improvement in leadership communication:

  • 44% of employees don’t feel adequately informed by senior leadership.

  • 40% believe leadership lacks a clear vision for the future.

  • 39% still feel undervalued by their leaders.

So keep your workforce in the loop with company updates, achievements, and future goals. Utilizing Confluence’s robust intranet capabilities, powered by Mantra, you can foster a culture of transparency and openness within your organization.

With Mantra’s news feature, disseminating critical information becomes effortless. Seamlessly create, curate, and share news articles, announcements, and updates in a centralized and easily accessible format. Whether it’s sharing quarterly results, celebrating team milestones, or announcing strategic initiatives, Mantra empowers you to keep every team member informed and engaged.

mantra news dashboard

Mantra also simplifies content creation with user-friendly templates. This empowers employees at all levels to contribute to the newsfeed, fostering a sense of ownership and community.

#3 Recognize Good Work: Boost Employee Engagement with Appreciation

Honor whom honor is due: Recognition and appreciation are fundamental human needs. Acknowledging employee achievements is a powerful way to boost morale, increase motivation, and cultivate a positive work environment. Publicly celebrating successes rewards individual contributions and sets a positive example and inspires others to strive for excellence.

Mantra’s “Posts” feature addresses this need by offering employees a platform for transparent communication and peer-to-peer recognition. It enables them to:

  • Share ideas and updates: Employees can keep colleagues informed by sharing thoughts, ideas, and project updates. Interaction happens through comments, likes or mentions.

  • Ask questions and seek feedback: Individuals can easily pose questions, seek input, and leverage the collective knowledge of the team.

  • Offer praise and recognition: The “Praise” feature helps individuals effortlessly recognize and appreciate colleagues for their contributions.

  • Engage in constructive discussions: Employees can initiate threaded discussions to discuss topics, explore solutions, and collaborate on projects.

Mantra celebrations

#4 Building Community in a Hybrid Workplace with Events

In today’s hybrid work environments, fostering a sense of community can be challenging. Employees spread across different locations and teams can feel isolated and disconnected from the broader organization. This lack of connection can lead to decreased engagement, collaboration, and ultimately, reduced productivity.

Mantra’s events feature provides a comprehensive platform for organizing and promoting inclusive events, workshops, and team-building activities. Here’s how it helps build a vibrant community:

  • Effortlessly create, manage, and showcase a variety of events, from team meetings to corporate retreats.

mantra event
  • Filter events with ease, sorting by date, category, or participation status, for a tailored experience.

mantra add event
  • Utilize the event sidebar feature to seamlessly display all relevant details, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Remember, a connected workforce is a stronger workforce.

#5 Create Opportunity for Constructive Feedback

Encourage open communication and feedback among employees. With Mantra’s posts feature, employees can share ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback in a collaborative and constructive manner, driving continuous improvement and innovation. Whether it’s sharing insights on ongoing projects, seeking input on upcoming initiatives, or offering suggestions for improvement, ‘Polls’ is the perfect tool for your internal communication strategy.

Mantra polls

Whether it’s about training topics, optimizations in the office or feedback on past events: Mantra is one of the best ways to communicate with employees. It underscores the value of each individual’s input, promoting a culture where every opinion matters. Participating in surveys via Mantra not only boosts employee engagement but also nurtures lasting satisfaction among the workforce.

Final Thoughts: Enhance Employee Engagement with Mantra

With Mantra serving as the social intranet for your Confluence Cloud, implementing your internal communication strategies becomes effortless. This enables a significant boost in employee engagement. Even remote employees can actively participate and interact intensively with their colleagues through Mantra. This internal communications platform ensures long-term satisfaction among your employees. By consistently applying these communication tips, you can cultivate a more engaged and productive workforce, ultimately propelling your business towards success.

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