Mastering Dynamic Content Management in Confluence

Maintaining up-to-date content in Confluence can be quite a challenge, consuming significant time and prone to errors. We’ll show you how to keep content current through dynamic and fully automated updates.
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Confluence is undoubtedly a powerhouse for knowledge sharing and collaboration. But let’s face it – the manual struggle to keep your pages updated is all too real. Keeping FAQs, project reports and team directories accurate amidst the chaos of ever-evolving information is truly exhausting.

And if you’re a regular user searching on Google for ways to dynamically display your Confluence content, the top results are typically code snippets from the Atlassian developer team. They’re quite useful for developers! But for everyone else, not so much.

So here’s an easy solution to dynamically manage your Confluence content for everyone out there – no coding experience needed!

What is Dynamic Content in Confluence?

Imagine a Confluence page that transforms from static to a living document, automatically pulling in and displaying the latest information. Unlike static content, which requires manual updates whenever there are changes, dynamic content adapts to changes automatically, ensuring that users always have access to the most current information.

Managing Dynamic Content in Confluence Like a Pro

If you want to experience the luxury of dynamic content updates without having to code an application yourself, then Aura’s new Dynamic Content Macro is perfect for you! Aura is an excellent macro suite that empowers people to create informative and beautiful Confluence pages. With just a few simple clicks, macros such as panel, card, tabs, buttons, countdowns, backgrounds, and more can be effortlessly incorporated.

The newest addition to the macro lineup is the Dynamic Content Macro. This feature allows seamless integration of blogs, pages, spaces, Confluence profiles or org charts into your Confluence environment.

Minimal time investment? Check.
Maximum benefits? Absolutely.


Aura Dynamic Content Confluence

Use Cases of Dynamic Content in Confluence

You probably know from your own experience why it is important for you not to have to constantly update content manually, but to have an agile and dynamic solution. Here is an overview of the most important use cases:

Training and onboarding blogs

HR departments often use Confluence to provide content for training materials and resources for new hires. Manually keeping all videos, policies and articles up to date takes a lot of time. By integrating Aura’s Dynamic Content Macro, the HR team can automatically sync the blog with the company’s knowledge base, ensuring that new training materials are dynamically displayed on the blog as soon as they are published.


onboarding blog confluence

FAQ Pages

Imagine you spend hours meticulously crafting informative answers, only to realize a month later that key policies have changed. Frustration sets in. Sound familiar? This can be quickly resolved with Aura’s new Dynamic Content Macro. Once set up, you will always receive the latest information in your Confluene FAQ.


FAQ pages confluence

External Client Portals

Companies often create Confluence spaces as customer portals to securely share project updates, results and reports with external customers or partners. Static customer portals often lack customization or branding options, which reduces their attractiveness and professionalism for external stakeholders. Aura’s Dynamic Content Macro is perfect for any scenario where you need to share updated Confluence content with externals.

External client portal

Dynamic Team Pages

The larger the company, the more challenging it can be to stay on top of everything, especially when there’s something like an internal market. Updating team pages on Confluence can start to feel like a never-ending task then. But with Aura, you can have dynamic team pages that update themselves as user groups are edited.


Internal team page

Confluence Org Charts

Confluence org charts enable organizations to keep their organizational structure up to date by reflecting changes in real-time, including new hires, promotions, and departmental reorganizations. Integration with HR systems or dynamic data sources ensures that any modifications made in employee databases are automatically reflected in the org chart, maintaining its accuracy and currency.


Features of the Dynamic Content Macro

You, as a user, have the optimal opportunity to manage conference content with the Aura Dynamic Content Macro, offering various filtering and personalization options. This provides you with the finest chance to create dynamic and visually stunning Confluence pages that encourage engagement.


Aura Dynamic Content

For example, you can determine whether you want to display the cards of your blogs with images or as a list. You can filter Confluence by labels of blog posts, spaces, or authors. Of course, you can also decide how many blog posts you want to have displayed on your conference page, sorted by date ascending or descending, along with other options such as labels, comments, likes, descriptions, and much more.


dynamic content macros display card
dynamic content macros display list

Benefits of Dynamic Confluence Content

Let’s revisit the benefits of dynamic content with Aura in Confluence:

  • Stay Updated: Real-time updates ensure your team has access to the most current information, enabling informed decision-making.

  • Boosted Collaboration: A single source of truth with dynamic content fosters a unified knowledge base for your team, minimizing confusion and promoting collaboration.

  • Simplified Workflow: Dynamic content automates updates, freeing up time for higher-value tasks and knowledge creation.

  • Easy Setup & User-Friendly: No coding required! The Aura Dynamic Content Macro is designed for users of all technical backgrounds, making it easy to create dynamic content.

  • Increased Engagement: Dynamic content can be more interactive and visually appealing, leading to better user engagement and knowledge retention.

  • Customized Filtering Options: Aura empowers you to tailor content delivery based on user needs, leading to a more relevant and impactful experience.

  • Data-Informed Decision Making: Always having access to the latest information empowers teams to make informed decisions based on real-time data.


Empowering Your Team with Confluence Dynamic Content

In agile environments where information is constantly changing, dynamic content updates ensure that users always have access to the most current information.

Confluence itself has some built in macros, but these have quickly reached their limit. This is where the Aura macro suite shines. In addition to a variety of other high-quality macros, Aura also provides the Dynamic Content Macro.

Whether it’s updating training materials, maintaining FAQ pages, sharing project updates with clients, or visualizing organizational structures, Aura’s Dynamic Content Macro offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

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