Mastering Interactive Status Macros in Confluence with Aura

Transparent project management is the key to success. Using interactive status macros from Aura is the best way to achieve this in Confluence.
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We all love Confluence for enabling simultaneous, location-independent collaboration. Sharing knowledge has never been so easy. But the more knowledge accumulates on a Confluence page, the more confusing it becomes. Of course, if you know how to use the AI, you can ask it to summarize the page. But markups are worth a thousand words. For example, the Confluence Status macro. Let’s explore its optimal use together!


Why a Status Matters

When everyone knows what’s going on with a project, it’s like having a roadmap to success. Status management makes communication smoother, decisions easier, and helps us stay focused on what needs to get done.

As Confluence is very popular worldwide as a knowledge management system, a status macro is of course a must. In this example, you can see when the status brings all stakeholders on board at a glance.


Confluence status macro example

Adding the Status Macro to a Confluence Page

There are two ways to add the Status Macro to your Confluence page:

  • Toolbar Method:

    1. While editing your page, locate the “+” button in the editing toolbar.

    2. Click the button and select “Status” from the Confluence content category.

  • Shortcut Method:

    1. While editing your page, press the “/” key. This opens the macro quick insert menu.

    2. Start typing “Status” and the menu will filter available options. Select the “Status” macro.


Limitations of the Basic Confluence Status Macro

In our ultimate Confluence macro guide, you will see that the status macro is also available natively in Confluence. It’s a simple way to visually highlight project progress with color and text. But there are some limitations:

  • Colors: The Confluence status macro offers you a total of 6 different colors. For more complicated workflows, or if you want to use the macro more as a label, things stop being fun.

confluence status color
  • Static status updates: When status changes occur, the macro itself must be edited in the notification mode of the confluence page, which hinders real-time collaboration.

  • No status macro templates/sets: The larger the company, the more confusing the structures and workflows. The labeling of these can also vary. A status template that can be selected with one click would simplify handling and ensure company-wide consistency.

confluence status set
  • Basic customization: While you have the flexibility to modify the text shown in the status, it’s important to note that the built-in macro offers limited customization capabilities. You can only adjust predefined parameters like color and text, lacking the option for more detailed customization of both appearance and behavior of the status indicator.

  • No Versioning: Unlike some advanced macros or plugins, the built-in Status macro does not offer versioning capabilities. Changes made to the status are not tracked or versioned, making it challenging to review the history of status updates or revert to previous states if necessary.


A Dynamic Content Status Macro

If you’re a regular Confluence user, you’ll soon find that while the built-in statuses are useful, they might not meet all your requirements. For those seeking an enhanced solution, Aura’s Content Status Macro will certainly catch your interest.

Aura Content Formatting Macros offers a comprehensive suite of 18 outstanding macros to support your work, featuring an innovative dynamic status macro among them.


Color up your Confluence Status

You will immediately notice that one of the limitations of the built-in Confluence Status Macros is quickly overcome. Because with Aura, you can create an unlimited rainbow of page design.

Enter a color code, choose your favorite color, or select from the dropdown menu a color palette set by your Confluence admin.


aura status hex code

Experience Status Templates

If you open the macro as a Confluence user, you will see a wide range of templates of labels and statuses so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

  • Open the Aura Status Macro by using the shortcut “/”

add aura status macro
  • Then enter Aura Status, click on it and you will see the following screen
status set macro aura

These templates are managed by your Confluence administrator, and they can add more or edit the existing ones as they wish.

But even with your regular user permissions, you’ve got some serious firepower for personalizing those Confluence pages. You will find status sets, values and estimates as well as other labels. On the right-hand side of the interface, you’ll notice features such as label text descriptions, background color choices, text color selections, a live preview function, and even the ability to adjust the size of these statuses.


Status Sets in Confluence

As already mentioned, consistency in the team, department, or company is key. With Aura Content Formatting Macros, you can create sophisticated status sets for your Confluence pages and change colors, titles or even display sizes of the status as you wish.


status set macro Confluence

In status management, you, as a Confluence administrator, have the flexibility to add or modify sets and status values directly within the macro.

Add Confluence status with aura

Additionally, you can select from a diverse palette of background and text colors to customize your statuses and remove them.


Use Dynamic Status in View Mode

All values and properties are editable directly in view mode. Picture yourself in a team meeting when you notice the need to update a status; with Aura’s status macro, this can be effortlessly achieved. Simply click on the desired status or label and choose an alternative option. Meanwhile, a new Confluence page is automatically generated behind the scenes, allowing for straightforward tracking of page history and modifications.

add dynamic status macro

Safety First – Also With Status Macros

Of course, you can make sure that your Confluence data is still protected. The Aura Status Macro can only be accessed by people who also have Edit Mode – even if they want to use the great functionality of dynamic changes in View Mode.


Benefits of Auras Status Macro for Confluence

  • Versioned Changes: Every change made in view mode is tracked, allowing you to review history or revert to previous states if needed.

  • PDF Export (minus Emojis): Share your Confluence pages with ease! Aura Status Macros can be exported as PDFs, keeping your status updates clear and accessible.

  • Editing in Reports: Need to analyze data in a Page Properties Report? Aura lets you edit status information directly within the report, streamlining your workflow.

  • Predefined Options & Customization: No more starting from scratch! Aura offers a wide range of pre-built status templates to jumpstart your workflow.

  • Team Consistency with Standardized Templates: Standardize status sets for your team or department, ensuring everyone interprets information consistently. This reduces confusion and streamlines collaboration.

  • Unleash a Rainbow of Colors: Ditch the limited palette! Aura lets you create a vibrant spectrum of colors, injecting life into your Confluence pages.


A Dynamic Future for Confluence Statuses

An effective status management is essential for streamlined collaboration and project success within Confluence. The built-in Confluence Status Macro offers a basic functionality, but for a truly dynamic and user-friendly experience, Aura’s Content Status Macro is the clear winner.

With its extensive features and intuitive interface, Aura empowers you to transform your Confluence pages into vibrant hubs of information.

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