How to use Confluence HTML Macro in the Cloud

Have you spotted the gap in Confluence Cloud? Bingo! The HTML macro. And guess what? We've got your back.
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The future’s looking bright and fluffy with Confluence Cloud leading the charge. But hey, noticed something missing? That beloved HTML macro has taken a little detour in the cloud version. No worries though! We’ve whipped up an awesome HTML iframe macro that’s ready to rock your content world.

Aura’s HTML (iframe) Macro for Confluence Cloud

This macro lets you seamlessly embed custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly into your Confluence Cloud pages. The macro is particularly useful for integrating websites, like Calendly bookings, directly in a visually appealing way.


calendly html embed

Insert, hit publish and wait for the bookings to come in!

Embed calendly confluence


How to use the Macro and insert Code

Using the Aura HTML (iframe) macro in Confluence Cloud is easy:

  1. Enable the Macro: As a Confluence administrator, navigate to Settings → Aura → Configuration and toggle the HTML (iframe) macro to enabled.

aura html macro configuration

2. Insert the Macro: Edit the Confluence page where you want to add custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, click the “+” button to insert a macro, and select Aura HTML (iframe) from the list of available macros.

aura all macros overview


Of course, you can also use the shortcut “/” to access the macro.

shortcut aura html iframe macro
  1. Configure the Macro: Now, you can navigate to the desired Confluence page and customize the HTML (iframe) macro settings to suit your needs. You can specify the URL or code to embed, adjust the dimensions, and configure any additional parameters.

Aura Confluence html form

4. Preview and Save: Review the live preview of your embedded content, make any necessary adjustments, and then save the changes to see your custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in action on your Confluence page.

    • The Aura HTML Macro, for example, can also be inserted perfectly into an Aura panel. This guarantees that you can create beautiful Confluence pages in no time at all.


Aura fill out form macro


Why Use Aura’s HTML (iframe) Macro?

With the HTML (iframe) macro from Aura, you can:

  1. Enhance the visual appeal of your Confluence pages and make them stand out (in a positive way)

  2. Increase interactivity and engage your readers to stay on your Confluence

  3. Tailor your Confluence pages to your specific needs and create unique layouts

  4. Simplify complex processes by embedding tools, calculators, or other web applications directly into your Confluence pages

  5. Boost collaboration and teamwork by enabling users with to work more efficiently and effectively together


HTML codes in Confluence can be so easy

The future is indeed in the cloud. And with Aura’s HTML Macro, all embed enthusiasts get to experience it. You can embed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript completely intuitively and quickly – previews are displayed in real time.

Another advantage of Aura for you is that Aura is not just the one HTML macro, but a whole macro suite that provides you with a wealth of tools to elevate your Confluence pages. From dynamic content and status macros to cards, panels, colors, tabs, titles, and much more, Aura empowers you to create truly exceptional Confluence experiences.

What are you waiting for? Experience the Aura difference today with our free 30-day trial! Transform your Confluence pages into works of art with our intuitive macros and dynamic content options. Eager for a sneak peek? Schedule a personalized demo with us and let’s uncover the endless possibilities together. Don’t hesitate – the future of Confluence awaits!



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